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Russia’s Regions and the EurAsEC Common Market: Production Chains
30 September 2016

The common market of the five EurAsEC member states offers a key advantage — a single economic space for the creation of production chains between the regions of the different countries. Integration into global value chains, however, requires the implementation of an ambitious common industrial policy, aimed at developing priority sectors by making use of advanced technologies and the human capital of the EurAsEC member states. The ability of goods bearing a «Made in the EurAsEC» mark to effectively compete internationally could and should be a key factor determining success. What potential is there for developing value chains within the EurAsEC? What support tools are already in place in the EurAsEC, and how effective are they? How can a common industrial policy be achieved? Which goods and enterprises are already meeting global competitiveness requirements and have the potential to act as «engines», driving the EurAsEC’s success in the international market?

Russian Investment Forum
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