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Developing the Territories: Modern Approaches to the Human Environment
30 September 2016

The strategic task of the state is to improve the affordability of housing while ensuring the development of a comfortable and high-quality urban environment. As the potential for infill development is very limited, priority should be given to the development of built-up and unused sites, particularly industrial zones being used inappropriately, and inefficiently run state-owned land plots. To ensure integrated territorial development, it is necessary to develop and implement uniform standards for the development and improvement of residential areas and the creation of well-planned infrastructure. This means using innovative approaches and modern technology-led urban development solutions, including best international practices. Under what circumstances will integrated development projects be of interest to business? What are the criteria for choosing the various mechanisms for the implementation of such projects? Should urban amenity and environmental quality standards be established for each region? Is existing urban planning legislation effective? What is the future of industrial zones? Which global best practices could provide an example to follow?

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