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How Russia Can Harness Human Capital for Its Competitive Advantage
24 May 2018

Russia is achieving outstanding results in a number of traditional and new sectors of the economy. The global professional community holds Russian programmers in high esteem. In the past 15 years, six Russians and Russian-born individuals have been awarded the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics, sharing first place with the US and France. Over this period, five Russian or Russian-born scientists have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Physics. Russian animation is rapidly making new headway in international markets. Human capital — the talent, skills, and abilities of the professionals working in these fields — forms the basis of these achievements. Today, the development of Russian human capital requires systemic support, ensuring that novices and professionals not only excel in their fields, but also achieve global recognition. How might the collective expertise of Russian professionals be expanded to new fields? How can young professionals be enticed to join high-tech industries and support them? How can the market value of Russian professionals be increased and how can professionals be offered greater access to global projects, leading to the introduction of global practices in Russia? Which new sectors of the digital economy could prove fertile ground for Russia’s leadership?

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