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Human Capital Development – Investing in the Country’s Economic Growth
4 September 2019
Nowadays, human capital development is an important part of a country’s economic development. Initially, human capital was perceived as investment in areas increasing a person’s ability to work. The concept has expanded and now includes investment in education, health, housing, culture, and other categories related to ensuring the quality of human life. This is due to the fact that professional skills alone are insufficient for developing human capital — a behavioural culture must also be nurtured. The creation of comfortable living conditions in the Far East is especially relevant in view of the importance for the region of reducing population outflow and the shortage of labour resources by eliminating interregional differences.

• What does investment in human capital entail?
• What challenges in the development of human capital do Russia and the Far East currently face? What measures should be taken to address them?
• What competencies need to be developed in a changing world? What should the region focus on to increase skilled labour?
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Building A, level 3, Building Trust Area
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