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Breakthrough Technologies in Medicine: Evolution, Revolution, Organization
24 May 2018
Healthcare needs breakthrough technologies

Healthcare must introduce breakthrough technologies that are cheaper, easier and more convenient to use and, therefore, more accessible to our patients — Guzel Ulumbekova, President of the Board, Association of Medical Societies for Quality of Medical Care and Medical Education; Head, Higher School of Healthcare Organization and Management.

The introduction of technologies is not only receiving a registration certificate. <...> Accompanying and studying the results, patients' registers — it is always a very important element in the evaluation of any technology — Mikhail Murashko, Head, Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare.

Medicine is a promising area for innovation

If we look at the advanced technologies and convergence processes that allow accelerate innovations in various segments of the economy, then the most advanced were in the field of media, telecom and financial and economic services. <...> Medicine will be in the next generation of segments in which innovative approaches will develop very quickly — Alexander Ivlev, Country Managing Partner for Russia, EY.

Innovations in medicine are attractive for investors

From a commercial point of view the most interesting topics for investors are: the development of innovative medicines, the introduction of new medical technologies and products, digital healthcare, telemedicine, as well as issues related to cellular and genomic research, and neurotechnology — Alexander Ivlev, Country Managing Partner for Russia, EY.

Any income that the company receives from the market is also investment in future innovations — Sergey Tsyb, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Import substitution is widely used in medicine

Last year we became No. 1 in our segment of oncology. The international pharmaceutical companies have always kept this place — now they are not there. <...> Our market is growing at a tremendous pace, and we have very high potential — Dmitry Morozov, General Director, BIOCAD.

Private medicine is competitive

Investors in private medicine provide highly qualified medical care. <...> Private medicine should develop, it should compete with the state medicine — this will help both public and private clinics — Elena Brusilova, President, International Clinic MEDSI.

On average, business is more efficient than the state, and healthcare is a specific example of this effectiveness. Business is more motivated, it is free in its decisions, and this allows it to be faster, proficiently work on some projects for less money — Arkadi Stolpner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, DTC IIBS.

Low demand for innovation

To implement innovations, they should be bought — including breakthrough technologies — Guzel Ulumbekova, President of the Board, Association of Medical Societies for Quality of Medical Care and Medical Education; Head, Higher School of Healthcare Organization and Management.

The only question is when all of this will appear on the market, — Dmitry Morozov, General Director, BIOCAD.

The need to reorganize clinical practice

Breakthrough technologies can change clinical practices, and, thanks to them, we will need to reorganize clinical practice in a fundamental way — Trevor Gunn, Vice President for International Relations, Medtronic.

Underfunding of primary health care

A very important primary level — state out-patient clinics — was sometimes underfunded, because it was believed that they were a waste of money — Kostas Varlas, Regional European Director, Diagnostics Division (ADD), Abbott Laboratories.

Insufficient level of digitalization of health care

We need analytics. We do not have our own online results. <...> Without analytics and accurate data nothing will happen. We need to focus not on experience, but on Big Data — Evgeniy Shlyakhto, Director General, Almazov National Medical Research Centre; President, All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization "Russian Society of Cardiology.

International cooperation in the development and implementation of innovations

We need to change the trajectory of our thinking not only in terms of developing specific products, discoveries, but also in terms of cooperation that is necessary to provide access to the market — Zeger Vercouteren, Vice President for Government Affairs and Policy, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Johnson & Johnson.

Regarding the regulatory environment, it is necessary to use KP, which will promote the development of partnership. We need to understand how we can integrate our know-how’s, strengthen our role in integration and innovation. <...> Cooperation here is very important, as well as partnership — Anthony Wong, Regional Vice President, Russia, Ukraine and CIS, AbbVie.

Modernization of medical education

To prepare a doctor of a new type, we need material and technical resources — Petr Glybochko, Rector, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

We must provide a new approach to the training of doctors, to medical education in order to provide these breakthrough technologies — Eyal Mishani, Head, Cyclotron Radiochemistry Unit, Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital.

We must change our approach to training doctors. We should teach the right skills not only to doctors, but ourselves and our children: how to eat right, move, play sports, how to control oneself — Michael McGannon, Co-Founder, McGannon Institute of Proactive Health.

The approach should be built from development to training of personnel, to registration, to accompanying the patient and their outcome — Mikhail Murashko, Head, Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare.

Redistribution of investments in favour of diagnostics

We need to allocate more money for diagnostics, rather than for the pharmaceutical sector and therapy. The earlier the diagnosis is made, and the treatment begins, the more effectively the medical system works, using innovations — Kostas Varlas, Regional European Director, Diagnostics Division (ADD), Abbott Laboratories.

Digitalization of medicine

With the use of big data and mathematical modelling, it is possible to predict the endpoints of the study, for example, combinations in the field of oncology — Irina Panarina, General Manager, Russia and Eurasia, AstraZeneca.

Priority of innovations — patient safety

The clinical and economic effectiveness of any new technology is very important. <...> Whatever we say about innovation, everything that we do must be safe for the patient — Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.

The material was prepared by the Russian news agency TASS