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PropTech-discussion «The Russian construction industry VS global construction development. What are the differences and why»
18 September 2019
The first wave of the sanctions has showed weaknesses in the Russian economy and brought great challenges: OK, what are you worth without injections from abroad? New word was coined immediately «importozameschenie» or «import-substitution». 6 years of this ‘emergency regime’ have demonstrated diverse ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions, both wins and losses. What is now for the domestic construction and development industry? We still have something to borrow and learn from the world, but also something to offer to the world.

Themes for discussion:
  • PRO engineering: is BIM rooted faster in Russia?
  • PRO concrete: why the country with the largest export of resources uses imported construction materials?
  • PRO legislation: how does project funding work «there» and here?
  • PRO square meter: why developers offer residential units without finishing?
  • PRO money: how to turn mortgage Japanese, 2% per year rate
  • PRO marketing: why «the West» is a global brand and how it contributes to promotion and sales
Started at
Conference hall
Conference room 3