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Practical session «Global investment: attractive property markets»
19 September 2019
The investors’ enthusiasm fueled by the pre-crisis utopia in the Moscow real estate market was noticeably chilled last years. Proprietary investors see far and wide beyond Moscow properties. Both individuals and global players do not stop monitoring the development of world markets. Some of them do demonstrate unprecedented growth. Which cities abroad are built by the Russian money? And the most important question: where to invest money tomorrow?

Themes for discussion:
  • Places of Russian glory: the most successful investment projects of Russian developers
  • Early birds: what are the most interesting investment destinations of today?
  • Geography of risk/investment margins. How to find a promising market? Indicators of future profits.
  • The beginner-investor. How to avoid pitfalls, mentality and administrative risks, when you play on the foreign ground?
  • Access threshold: projects for private investors and where only billion-dollar capital would work?
  • Parking lots, storages, shared spaces — what else besides housing can give good profits?
  • Welcome drinks and other things: global practice of the state support for foreign investors. What can we learn abroad?
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