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Russia’s Pivot to the East: Outcomes and New Goals
6 September 2017

‘Russia’s Turn to the East’ has taken place. This is true both in an international respect — both political and economic — and, more importantly, internally, with measures for the development of Siberia and the Russian Far East, with the creation of the conditions for integrating them into the Asian and European markets. At the same time, Russia is diversifying its links with Asia — the number of highly important partners with which it is strengthening its relations already includes a large group of countries — China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. In a changing global environment, it is vital for Russia to build cooperation with its Asian partners. It is equally important that leading European, and perhaps also American players, should be ‘hitched’ to cooperative relationships between Russia, Asia, and Eurasia, both on a state and on a corporate level. A programme of action is needed which will strengthen Russia’s position in Asia and create a critical mass of collaboration and cooperation. This must be achieved first and foremost in economic terms, in order to make the country a fully-fledged Atlantic-Pacific power of the future. It is likewise important now to confirm Russia’s negotiating position — what do we want from our partners? It is vital that we address our partners in Asia with a clear and precise message, indicating what areas and topics in our relations with them are optimal for Russia from the point of view of the challenges posed by her internal development.

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