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The Potential Of Volunteering: How Can It Be Harnessed To Promote Regional Development?
14 February 2019
Vadim Kovalev
First Deputy Executive Director, Russian Managers Association
Speakers and experts
Alisa Andreeva
Manager External Affairs, Area, PMI Affiliates in Russia. Head of the South Regional Council on Corporate Volunteering (regional branch of the National Council on Corporate Volunteering)
Irina Bakhtina
Vice President for Sustainable Business Development and Corporate Affairs, Unilever Rus
Alexander Bugaev
Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs
Ekaterina Kruglova
Executive Director, Memory of Generations Charitable Foundation
Darya Maslovskaya
Director for Human Resources, Royal Canin, Russia and the Republic of Belarus
Artem Metelev
Chairman of the Council, Association of Volunteer Centers; Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
Olga Polovyanova
General Director, Nestle Kuban
Ksenia Razuvaeva
Director, Russian Centre for the Civil and Patriotic Education of Children and Young People (Rospatriotcentre)
Valery Fedorov
Director General, Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM)
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