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The Potential Of Volunteering: How Can It Be Harnessed To Promote Regional Development?
14 February 2019
The topic of volunteering in Russia is receiving increasing amounts of attention and its development is gathering pace. In 2018, volunteering reached a new level: the Year of the Volunteer was declared, a programme was created to accelerate training and development for those behind the most successful projects in the Volunteer of Russia competition, the Russian Volunteers’ Forum, which is held in Russia every year, received international status, a federal Social Activism project was drawn up, aiming to support volunteering with RUB 7.4 billion of funding over six years, and a unified standard for corporate volunteering is now being devised by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. The increasing involvement of the population in volunteering initiatives offers significant potential for the development of Russia’s social economy. By bringing together active and engaged citizens, local volunteers’ associations can become a source of creative and socially important initiatives aimed primarily at developing their own regions. What needs to be done to create a fully-fledged ecosystem for the volunteer movement?
• How do discussion participants assess the outcomes of Russia’s Year of the Volunteer?
• What conditions have already been put in place to promote the institution of volunteering and create the required infrastructure, and which need further work?
• What are the current trends in corporate volunteering?
• In what areas could international cooperation be organized?
Russian Investment Forum
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Conference hall
Social impact lounge, 2nd floor, exhibition pavilion 2
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