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The Generation Of The Future: How The Worldskills Movement Makes Skilled Trades Fashionable Again
14 February 2019
Vadim Kovalev
First Deputy Executive Director, Russian Managers Association
Speakers and experts
Vladislav Davankov
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Russia – the Land of Opportunities
Anton Dolgov
Executive Director, Presidential Grants Foundation
Fedor Dudyrev
Director of the Centre for Vocational Education Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Vladimir Miklushevsky
President, Moscow Polytechnic University
Tatyana Mineeva
Vice President, Committee for Ecology, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia); Chairman, Public Council at the Department of Education of Moscow, Business Rights Commissioner, Moscow City Government
Irina Potekhina
Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation
Robert Urazov
General Director, WorldSkills Russia, Agency for the Development of Professional Communities and Skilled Workers
Anna Shabarova
Vice President for Human Resources and Social Responsibility, Russian Copper Company; Member of the Board of Trustees, Russian Copper Company Charity Fund