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The Generation Of The Future: How The Worldskills Movement Makes Skilled Trades Fashionable Again
14 February 2019
Competitions held by the international WorldSkills movement, which today brings together 80 countries, have become an effective tool for promoting professionalism, work skills and personnel training in accordance with global standards. In the six years of operation in Russia, the Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia) movement has become truly successful and popular, with around 500 competitions at different levels, more than 100,000 participants, and over 100 project partners and sponsors out of the leading manufacturers and businesses. In 2019, Russia will be hosting the next global competition in professional excellence WorldSkills Kazan 2019, where the Future Skills zone will be presented for the first time. The project not only contributes to restoring the prestige of vocational training and skilled trades, training workers in accordance with the actual demands of the present-day economy and businesses, and promoting competitiveness of Russia’s young professionals, but also lays the foundation for transforming secondary vocational training in Russia.
∙ What is the secret behind the success of the WorldSkills movement in Russia and worldwide?
∙ What initiatives to develop secondary vocational training have already been implemented on the basis of the project? What significance does this hold for improving the system of education and vocational training in Russia?
∙ What are the plans and challenges associated with WorldSkills Kazan 2019?
∙ What skills associated with the WorldSkills project are of most interest to businesses today and for the economy’s digital transformation in the future?
Russian Investment Forum
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