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Plenary session: Housing and urban environment: on the way to strategic goals
18 September 2019
Themes for discussion:
  • Development of the urban environment — strategic goal of the state or the core demand of society? What cities do we want to have in the future?
  • International experience of housing construction and renovation. What role is delegated to investors and what role is played by the city? What solutions are applicable in Russia?
  • Technological modernization of the construction industry, its goals and results. How long will it take for full-scale introduction of BIM-technologies and how to accelerate use of CIM-technologies in Russia?
  • National project Housing and Urban Environment, the basis of the governmental policy to support construction industry, housing and utilities development. What is in the focus at the current stage? What is required from developers and from the state?
  • Unprecedented funding: how do banks intend to support the industry? What is the effective rate of project funding and mortgage for next 5 years?
  • Funding for housing and utilities: what can attract investors and develop public-private partnerships?
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