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Plenary Session. A Common Economic Space from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Greater Eurasian Partnership
3 September 2019
The formation of a Greater Eurasian Partnership creates new goals related to the path to creating a common economic space in the mega-region from Lisbon to Vladivostok, or from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This process leads to a new level of cooperation between interregional associations such as the Eurasian Economic Union, ASEAN, the SCO, APEC, and the Chinese One Belt, One Road initiative, without excluding the idea of a prospective partnership between the EAEU and the European Union.

Key issues:
  • developing and conjunction of a common economic space from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Greater Eurasian Partnership
  • experience of interaction with complex economic organizations in the AsiaPacific region
  • new opportunities in The One Belt, One Road initiative realization
  • implementing infrastructure projects in the Far East in order to maximize the region’s involvement in European and Asian integration processes
  • role of the businesses in the integration processes formation
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Conference hall
Building B, level 6, Conference hall 9
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