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Plenary session II. Self-Regulation, Ethics, and Conduct Supervision: Challenges for the Next Three Years
5 July 2019
Sergey Shvetsov
First Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia
Speakers and experts
Tiago Aguiar
Deputy Head of the Banking Conduct Supervision Department, Bank of Portugal
Georgy Luntovskiy
President, Assoсiation of Banks of Russia
Mikhail Mamuta
Head of Service for Protection of Consumer Rights and Ensuring the Availability of Financial Services, Member of the Board of Directors, Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Igor Yurgens
President, All-Russian Insurance Association
Sergei Belyakov
President, Association of Non-State Pension Funds; Chairman of the Management Board, National Association of Investment and Development Agencies; Chairman of the Presidium, The Retail Companies Association
Vasily Zablotsky
President, Self-regulatory organization «National Finance Association»
Alexander Solomkin
Director, Self-Regulatory Organisation of Credit Consumer Cooperatives ‘Cooperative Finances’
Elena Stratyeva
Director, Russian Microfinance Centre (RMC); Director, Microfinance and Development Union of Microfinance Organisations
Alexey Timofeev
President, Russian National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR)
Konstantin Ugryumov
President, National Association of Non-Governmental Pension Funds
Andrey Yazykov
Leading Researcher, Department of Insurance and Social Economics, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
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