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Panel discussion «Rusty gold»: redevelopment perspectives in Moscow and other Russian cities»
19 September 2019
Industrial zones — treasure and curse of Moscow, huge areas for development, which need years to get cleared. Authorities have said their word: 70% of former industrial areas should be redeveloped: whole or in part. The ball is on the developer’s side: are there queues for sites to be redeveloped? And how to create modern urban environment in the neglected factories area? May be someone has already managed it?

Themes for discussion:
  • Construction site: has the city made any plans? Terms and permissions for redevelopment: who, what, where and when will build?
  • How will contractors be chosen? The supply and demand balance for industrial zones
  • Redevelopment — away to successful PPP? Developers opinion in the context of site preparation for construction?
  • Economics of redevelopment: good location VS expensive preparation; large areas VS oversupply. The industrial zone development strategy seen by the city and developers: make it fast, but prevent the market collapse by oversupply?
  • Pitfalls: where land reclamation is required, how much will it cost and what will be the effect?
  • Life in the telephone switchboard station or research institute: what buildings can be successfully turned into apartments?
  • Do not underestimated superstitions: are people anxious to live on the former industrial lands?
  • Housing can always find an investor, but what about the redevelopment of the 7.8 thousand hectares of industrial zones for the mixed-uses and new industries?
  • Is ZIL factory a showcase? Developers’ experience from the currently most ambitious redevelopment project. What difficulties have they faced? How profitable was the project?
  • Insolvent industrial properties — not only Moscow problem: regional redevelopment experience
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