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Open debate The Role of the Media in Shaping the Modern Image of Women’s Leadership: Information for Peace and Sustainable Development
21 September 2018
In a globalized world, information is a key resource. Not a single social transformation or political programme can be enacted without managing information flows. For many years now, the women’s movement in Russia and the world has existed in an information vacuum. Media outlets create the news agenda through traditional means: seeking sensation, conflict, and — more recently — to entertain their audience. At the same time, social initiatives spearheaded by women’s movements, important government decisions, changes in legislation, and stories highlighting women’s successes and achievements still garner little coverage.

Topics for discussion:
  • How can women today gain access to vital information?
  • How can ‘information equilibrium’ be provided in the digital age?
  • How can information flows be employed to preserve peace?
Started at
Conference hall
Hall 14, Tavricheskiy Palace
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