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Things You Won’t Find in Business Textbooks
14 February 2018
So you’ve set up your own business. You’ve read all the literature and gone through the registration stages. What now? Where do you steer your ship? How do you find your own niche? How do you survive and beat the competition? How do you build your own successful strategy not just on paper, but in practice, in THIS country, operating under THESE conditions and laws?Successful entrepreneurs from Delovaya Rossiya have done it! The participants in this section embarked on their business careers with student startups and grew to become leaders of European and Russian industries. How did they do it? Why not ask them yourself?
Key issues:
• The Age of Pioneers (difficulties in your initial years: how to avoid or minimize risk)
• Per aspera ad astra (development strategies: a variety of options and recommendations from those who have done it)
• Knocking on Heaven’s Door (how support tools actually work and which of them you should definitely use)
• Russian Knights in Faraway Lands (Delovaya Rossiya’s business ambassadors talk about setting up a company abroad: how to run and maintain it)
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