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New Socioeconomic Challenges and Successful Practices for Overcoming Them
25 January 2018

With each passing year, increasing attention is being devoted worldwide to solving social development challenges faced by society, including by means of large-scale initiatives undertaken by major charitable foundations, governments, and intergovernmental organizations. The latest trends in this area include challenges that have emerged in the social sector as a result of digitization and robotization, and the search for ways of effectively integrating technology into systems for providing social and charitable assistance, as well as the development of the concept of ‘social investment’, which promotes the idea of investing in projects and initiatives designed to achieve a significant social and/or environmental impact. How can the potential of the digital economy be harnessed to solve socially important problems in Russia and at a global level? What issues in social development and philanthropy are most current and in need of priority attention? For which issues can we already provide a response by ensuring the necessary support for relevant projects? Which support formats are the most effective (assistance at the initial stages of a project, consolidation of current projects and initiatives, assessment of the impact of projects that have already been implemented, etc.)? How is organized charitable activity involving government, charitable foundations, business, and social investors already responding to new social challenges in Russia and the world? Which global best practices should be followed in tackling problems in the social sector? What steps should Russia take to strengthen its role as part of the global socioeconomic agenda?

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