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Not Just A Business: The Experience Of Social Entrepreneurship In Russia
14 February 2019
Vyacheslav Shoptenko
Director, Institute for Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)
Speakers and experts
Milena Arslanova
Director, Investment Policy and Entrepreneurship Development Department, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Shlomo Weber
President, New Economic School
Elena Dybova
Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Vladislav Davankov
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Russia – the Land of Opportunities
Yuliya Zhigulina
Managing Director, Our Future Foundation for Regional Social Programmes
Alexey Mavrin
Chairman, Patronage Social Geriatric Center
Anatoliy Movshovich
Head, The World to the Touch
Natalia Pochinok
Rector, Russian State Social University
Evgenia Shokhina
Director, Social Project Support Fund