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Not Just A Business: The Experience Of Social Entrepreneurship In Russia
14 February 2019
The last two decades have seen social enterprise succeed in blurring the boundaries between the concepts of business and charity, and in creating an entirely new culture of enterprise, which enables profits to be made alongside the far more significant objective of addressing socially important issues. Social businesses can be small, local enterprises or major companies, like the world’s best known social organization, the Aravind Eye Care System in India, but all of these businesses combine a commitment to innovation, constant organizational development to support the achievement of great results, a readiness to learn new things, and adherence to social values. As is the case throughout the world, social entrepreneurs in Russia could partner with the government, business, and the third sector to address issues in healthcare, education, social welfare, culture, and the environment as conduits for innovative technologies and effective socially-oriented business models. What needs to be done in order to make this possible?
• In what areas of social development is social enterprise developing the most rapidly?
• Successful projects by social entrepreneurs: what is their secret? How can their experience benefit the third sector, big business, and state social organizations?
• What regional support measures can government bodies, big business, and development institutions offer social entrepreneurs? Which of these measures does the experience of entrepreneurs themselves indicate to be the most effective?
• How can a mechanism be built to replicate social enterprise initiatives? What are the prospects for creating a community of social entrepreneurs to exchange of experience and business case studies?
Russian Investment Forum
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Conference hall
Social impact lounge, 2nd floor, exhibition pavilion 2
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