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International youth model for attracting investment ‘Russia and the world: creating competitiveness 4.0’
8 June 2019
Attracting investment is one of the key conditions for achieving sustainable economic growth; investment helps to accelerate technological development, boost the quality and competitiveness of products, and develop surrounding infrastructure and environment. The youth investment attraction model is an interactive game for students, young professionals and entrepreneurs interested in investment policy and technological cooperation between countries. The model strives to involve young people in exploring investment appeal, developing international economic relations and implementing the country’s social and economic development strategy.
The key goals of the model are:
• To study the experience of Russia and other countries in attracting investment and developing innovative potential in a changing technological landscape
• To analyse the opportunities and challenges of international cooperation faced by countries in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
• To find new ways to collaborate with foreign partners in developing the country’s economy and strengthening international economic relations.
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