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Socioeconomic Development Mechanisms in the Arctic Macroregion
29 March 2017

Various regional development institutes — development agencies and corporations — have been set up to promote development and attract investment to the regions of the Russian Federation. These organizations help to boost regional development, implement regional development strategies, and establish regions’ investment appeal. They also launch and support investment projects. What kind of projects are being supported, how are they implemented, and what obstacles do they face? A further key issue is joint work by the regional authorities and the development agencies and corporations. Good coordination and close collaboration on the part of development agencies and corporations will inevitably facilitate the development of the Arctic macroregion. Issues for discussion: • The social and economic development of the Arctic zone. The implementation of key investment projects and the realities of supporting these projects • The investment attractiveness of regions in the Arctic zone. Ensuring that investors receive a warm reception in a harsh climate • What kind of development institute does the Arctic region need? • The development of interregional and international cooperation on project implementation

International Arctic Forum
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