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The Timber Industry in the Russian Far East: Reaching a New Level
2 September 2016

Although the Russian Far East has the capacity to produce approximately 100 million cubic metres of timber, woodlots currently under lease represent just a little over 20 million cubic metres. To better tap into the region’s forestry resources, the timber industry requires new investment in infrastructure. To encourage such investment, the government is offering investors woodlots in the Russian Far East on preferential terms. Which woodlots in the region are available for lease to investors, and how much must be invested in local infrastructure in order to tap these resources? Based on past projects in the Russian Far East, how well do investments in the timber industry perform? What are the prospects for creating a timber cluster in the region? What will be the procedure for investment projects seeking to acquire priority status in order to obtain woodlots on preferential terms? Which tools can the government use to support investors working in the region’s timber industry?

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