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Artificial Intelligence in Service of Business: Creating a Competitive Advantage
26 May 2018

Today, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are provoking plenty of interest, even among those who have little to do with information technology — although who can really say that these days? Experts believe that AI will be able to respond to the global challenges facing humanity: scarce natural resources, a lack of access to high-quality education and healthcare, and even poverty. Unfortunately, much speculation and mythmaking surround these promising areas. Artificial intelligence has practical applications in almost any business. But which are the main areas that could benefit? Banks and retail chains, medicine, or the industrial sector? Will the AI specialist be the profession of the future? During our discussion, we will discuss the criteria for the success of AI in business. How may AI change traditional approaches to management and decision making? In which business functions might AI create the biggest competitive advantage? What is the right way to implement AI solutions — how do we separate the hype from real economic performance?

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Pavilion G, Conference Hall G3
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