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Investment in Russia’s Regions: Has the Work of Management Teams Changed?
16 February 2018

Managing regional development is a key challenge on today’s agenda, and a positive solution to this issue is vital for the continued development of Russia as a whole. A vital role in any management process is played by people, the quality of their professional training, and their teamwork skills. Increasing the quality of human resources is a standalone challenge — as well as a key investment in Russia’s regions. A major factor in the development of regional workforces should not only be the performance of regional teams, but also the desire of the majority to become one unified team, and to continue cooperating for mutual development to the benefit of Russia’s regions and the country as a whole. What new professional demands are being made of the leadership of Russia’s regions? Do effective mechanisms exist for attracting and retaining highly qualified staff in the regions? What educational technologies need to be used to train leaders in order to ensure the development at a regional level? The relationship between management effectiveness and regional investment — is there a dependency?

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