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Event Infrastructure – An Investment in Quality
26 May 2018

The ability of countries to transform the way they are represented in international markets is one of the key factors in the success of their political and economic strategy. There are examples of the events industry helping to change the infrastructure and strategy of individual cities and entire economies. Therefore, hosting major international events in a country is not only a matter of prestige but also a matter of economic effectiveness. Qualitative changes resulting from the hosting of events affect several areas, such as the quality of the event and recreational infrastructure, the quality of services, the education level of employees and professional training, leading to an improved business environment and investment policy in the region. How can the level of development of a country or a region after hosting a major event be measured, and how can the effect be best assessed? What steps are necessary to ensure high-quality preparation for events? Is investment in the professional development of specialists necessary? What role does the standard of services in a region play in hosting an event? What risks for the region’s image should be mitigated when planning for an event?

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