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Information Inequality: How to Rebalance the Information Landscape Globally
24 May 2018

Today’s world is unimaginable without intensive information exchange. Information plays more important role than ever before in decision-making in all aspects of life ranging from daily activities to development strategies. In order for its expanding role to be a success, it is crucial that the information is fair and accurate, and that the entire humankind and all nations can equally contribute to its creation. In the modern world, most sources of information are Western and in English, which reduces the effectiveness of international information exchange. There are many reasons why this is the case and in order to achieve a more balanced development of global information this inequality should be overcome. How can this be done and how can we restore trust in information, making it a true and effective instrument for global progress? How can we make the global narrative reflect the factual state of affairs in the world, reflecting the points of view of different countries and global powers in a fair and balanced way?

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