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The Digital World Is Already Here! Are You Ready?
13 February 2019
Mobility, robotization, big data, artificial intelligence — these are no longer trends, but things that we are already living with. Humans are gradually making the move from the natural environment into an artificial one — the digital world. The use of digital technologies has become a precondition for competitiveness and development in the service sector. Innovations in the digital sphere are today becoming an irreplaceable tool, not only for improving efficiency within target industries, but also in everyday life. Today, it is not only corporations that are opting to go down the digital route, small and medium-sized businesses are, too. It is believed that, in our time, it is the digital world that is influencing and stimulating progress in the development of enterprise, the global economy, and social life. Is this the case?
Key issues:
• The potential of financial, political, and educational systems in a digital world
• The opportunities and risks of a global digital reorientation as we see them
• Are we ready for digital world? Our strengths and weaknesses.
Russian Investment Forum
Started at
Conference hall
Conference hall 13 (Pushkin)
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