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Social Entrepreneurship as a Factor Contributing to the Country’s Wellbeing
14 February 2019
In the current economic environment characterized by harsh competition, ever more companies and entrepreneurs are expressing their readiness not only to turn a profit, but also to solve important social problems. Ensuring equal access for all citizens to high-quality social services, and attracting entrepreneurs into this area, could provide a new source of growth and improve quality of life. In today’s Russia, it is vitally necessary to create a social ecology which prioritizes not profit but better living conditions, through harnessing all the resources of the state, business, and society. What must be in place in order to create an integrated system for socioeconomic development in the regions and the country as a whole? How are existing measures for supporting social entrepreneurship working? Do they meet today’s standards and requirements? What efforts must the regions make to create an environment for developing socioeconomic potential?

Awards Ceremony for Winners of the Best Social Project of the Year Competition for Social Entrepreneurship Projects
Russian Investment Forum
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Conference hall 15 (Dostoyevsky)
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