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Social mobility as a tool for economic growth and global competitiveness
15 February 2019

In the age of the digital transformation of the economy, the need for professional skills is coming to the fore. A key criterion for success in this new world is the ability to bring creative ideas to fruition in multidisciplinary contexts, along with a deep understanding of fundamental technological, managerial, and business processes, and the ability to navigate a world characterized by huge volumes of data. As demand grows and competition becomes fiercer, objectivity in evaluating potential also increases, and fundamentally new opportunities for growth open up for those who are willing to keep improving their skills, investing in their own development, and serving society. What are the features of programmes which have already been implemented in Russia, and how might they be replicated? How quickly might we see positive changes in society as a result of these projects? How can we maximize social mobility? How should we be harnessing our most important resource, the country’s human capital? Will it be possible to successfully halt ‘brain drain’?

Russian Investment Forum
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