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Regional Bonds as a Tool for Implementing Infrastructure Projects and Improving Quality of Life
14 February 2019

Regional bonds (sub-federal and municipal securities) are an effective mechanism for establishing budgets and financing infrastructure and concessional projects. They promote rapid development and improve people’s quality of life. Employing this financial instrument allows regions not only to get the investment they need, but also to attract savings from the local population, giving citizens the chance to play a direct role in their own region’s development. This gives citizens greater ownership of projects that aim to improve quality of life for them and their children. The goals set by the country’s leaders to stimulate investment in infrastructure, education, healthcare, ecology, new technologies, and science provide a powerful stimulus for the development of this financial instrument, as do the performance indicators in place for the activities carried out by the authorities in Russia’s regions. What measures must be taken to increase the attractiveness of this financial instrument? How can we reduce the cost of borrowing for federal and municipal entities? How should we change legislative requirements to make this instrument more effective? How might the procedure for issuing sub-federal and municipal bonds be simplified? Which regions are successfully using this instrument and why do they consider it promising?

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