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Developing a Culture of Russian Entrepreneurship
13 February 2019
Objectives to increase the number of small and medium-sized businesses and make starting a business a more popular option have recently been set. In approaching these tasks, however, it is extremely important not to neglect the issue of the quality of the entrepreneurial environment, and to give thought to the moral reference points that the entrepreneurial community will use to operate, and to what ethical and spiritual principles will be at the core of interactions between enterprise and society on one hand, and enterprise and government on the other. Do we have any traditions that we can use to guide us?
Key issues:
• What are the consequences of not knowing about the history of entrepreneurship in Russia?
• Could Pavel Tretyakov, Nikolay Alekseyev, the Ryabushinsky family, and the Khludov family provide reference points and challenges for modern Russian entrepreneurs?
• How can the names of prominent Russian entrepreneurs be made part of Russia’s national heritage once again?
Russian Investment Forum
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