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Industrial Clusters: How to Make the Regions More Attractive to Investors
14 February 2019

The country’s key development aims include becoming one of the world’s five largest economies, accelerating the rate of technological development in the Russian Federation, and creating a highly productive, export-oriented sector within the manufacturing industry. It is not possible for industry to develop rapidly or for enterprises to increase labour productivity without an influx of investment from major companies that have proven industrial competence and forward-looking development plans. Vital to tackling this challenge will be new industrial models which increase the quality of the offering for potential investors, along with a targeted approach to implementing investment projects, taking into account technological priorities and based on the skills that the region needs and has developed. Russia is currently home to more than 40 industrial clusters across the majority of sectors within the manufacturing industry. Niches for investment in high-tech production projects are appearing as a result of cooperation between clusters. This approach helps to improve the quality of the regions’ investment offering and ensures demand for the clusters’ output. How might we exploit the potential of existing industrial clusters for developing regional industry and establishing innovative production? How are the regions creating new niches for investment? How should we use the potential of interregional industrial cooperation to attract investors to the regions?

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