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Attracting Investment into the Development of the Digital Economy in Russia – Successful Experiences of Early Investors
13 February 2019
The two major trends in the 21st-century economy are globalization and digitalization. The digitalization trend is only growing stronger, making it a promising area for investment. Amid the startup boom, business representatives are searching for the most effective solutions to help them attract venture capital into Russia’s developing market. In response, our country is flinging its doors wide open to foreign entrepreneurs and investors. What path will the digitalization of the economy take as it develops? What prospects are already open to investors? What does the future hold for the development of blockchain technology? How can those seeking them attract foreign capital and technology to their business project?
Key issues:
• Prospects and opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs as the state economic digitalization programme is rolled out
• Blockchain technology as a tool for improving trust between parties in the future economy
• Presentation of the Russian national Blockchallenge Russia competition
• Developing IT infrastructure projects: successful case studies.
Russian Investment Forum
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Conference hall 14 (Tolstoy)
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