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Bringing Care Closer: New Possibilities for Rural Russia
14 February 2019

Providing access to basic healthcare, educational, financial, and public services is an extremely important issue today for rural areas, where every fourth resident of Russia resides. Villages, particularly remote and hard-to-reach areas, often lack the necessary social, telecommunication, and other infrastructure. Oftentimes, the only socially significant facilities in these populated areas are a post office and sometimes a shop. Due to the lack of prospects for business development and generating profit, major retailers do not come to remote and/or sparsely populated areas. There are usually no pharmacies or health clinics, and banks are leaving due to the low demand for services and low profit margins. As a result, the local population has difficulties performing basic financial operations — opening an account, withdrawing cash, paying for utility services, obtaining and repaying loans both to individuals and for small business development — as well as getting access to social and medical services. This all leads to people leaving their homes in search of work and a better life in big cities. It is clear that the problem needs to be resolved ‘here and now’, by combining the efforts of the state, business, and the expert community. Is there a solution to the problem of infrastructural isolation in areas which are hard to reach and far away from regional centres? How can we support the infrastructure of these towns and settlements at the level enjoyed by regional centres and large cities? How can we avoid infringing the rights of local populations and meet their basic needs for food and medicine, good-quality telecommunications, and modern financial services? Is business currently ready to support the state in ensuring access to social services in rural areas, and, most importantly, are there practical examples of this readiness? What could major market players from various sectors do to improve this situation, both separately and working in partnership with each other?

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