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A Practical Track for IT Entrepreneurship
13 February 2019

Highly uncertain situations are a common feature of modern business. Established approaches to starting a business cannot guarantee results in an era of constant change. This is a truth encountered especially often by entrepreneurs implementing unusual, innovative ideas. Is it possible to reduce the risk of failure when embarking a new business project? This is a question long faced by IT startups, which operate in a rapidly changing, highly competitive market. Solutions have taken the form of new approaches to starting businesses and the rapid appraisal of business ideas, which are being successfully taught to ‘digital’ entrepreneurs by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund. This practical track will give participants the opportunity to try out one of the approaches practised in IT startups: customer development. This approach makes it possible to test the extent of demand for your business idea within a short period of time, and without the need for additional investment.

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Conference hall 15 (Dostoyevsky)
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