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National Champions Pitch Session
14 February 2019
Russia is currently home to a group of a few hundred competitive, fast-growing, highly innovative private companies with a strong entrepreneurial base. Many of them are ready to expand their businesses and become leaders on the national or even global market. Since 2016, a number of these companies have applied and been accepted onto the Ministry of Economic Development’s priority project, ‘Supporting Leading Private High-Tech Companies’ (also known as ‘National Champions’). As things stand, 62 companies have been accepted onto the scheme. Participating companies receive comprehensive support from the Ministry in their dealings with government authorities, development institutions, and companies in which the state is a shareholder. How can we help companies communicate with banks and investment firms and obtain loans and investment? What achievements and future projects can the companies taking part in the National Champions scheme share with us?

Award Ceremony for New Contestants in the National Champions Project
Russian Investment Forum
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Conference hall
Conference hall 15 (Dostoyevsky)
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