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Education: A Tool for Attracting Investment to the Regions
15 February 2019

Education in the Russian Federation is on the way to becoming one of the most effective areas for investment, including social investment. Today, in Russia and each of her regions, innovative educational environments are being created, and existing environments are being modernized. Mechanisms for investing in education can be widely implemented and replicated. Social investment could become a key driver of socioeconomic development in Russia’s regions. Russia already boasts examples of projects where tools for attracting investment have been successfully tested in the development and implementation stages. Investment projects in education have helped to improve the investment climate in Russia’s regions and promote socioeconomic development in the country. How do mechanisms for social investment in education stimulate the creation of an advantageous investment climate in Russia’s regions and attract new investment in education? Which best investment practices should we prioritize for adaptation and implementation through public—private partnerships in the Russian Federation?

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