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Russia’s Competitive Venture Investment Market
15 February 2019
Alexander Povalko
Chairman of the Management Board of RVC
Speakers and experts
Alexander Borodich
Founder, Universa Blockchain Platform; Founder, Child Tech
Sergey Gorkov
General Director, Chairman of the management Board of Rosgeologia»
Sergey Kerber
Head of the Directorate of Investment Projects and Programs - Managing Director, Leader Management Company
Elena Rakhimova
Deputy Director for Special Commissions, Rostec
Alexey Solovyev
Partner, Managing Director, iTech Capital
Konstantin Shabalin
Chief Executive Officer, StartTrack
Evgeny Yakushev
Executive Director for Public and Government Relations, SAFMAR
Alexey Basov
Deputy General Director, Investment Director, Member of the Management Board, RVC JSC