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Faith-Based Business Associations: Places of Trust
14 February 2019

In the face of the ever-changing economic realities of the modern world, new horizons for cooperation based on traditional religious faiths are springing up. One of the features of recent years has been the increasing number of clubs and all manner of other business associations with a basis in faith. These are intended to play an important role in supporting social harmony and diversity, but as business organizations, they also encourage increased business activity and provide support in the search for new sources of capital for business development. This increases levels of business activity both among members of particular faith communities and in society as a whole. Modern cooperative organizations like these can help to attract investment, develop entrepreneurial skills, encourage social mobility, and foster a high degree of independence in the lives of traditional communities. Moreover, associations like these open up new opportunities for interfaith dialogue, which can lay the ground for new horizons for cooperation to emerge within both the state and society. They can also reveal new ways of increasing corporate social responsibility. Are there any success stories concerning cooperation between faiths and business? Can businesses based on the values of traditional religious faiths increase trust in business as a whole and help to uncover new sources of capital? What are the long-term prospects and what needs to be done to make them a reality?

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