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Is Russia Prepared for New Challenges in Cyberspace?
15 February 2019

The development of the digital economy and the ubiquitous process of digitalization hold out the possibility of breakthroughs in work involving data — but, at the same time, significantly increase the risks posed by cyberthreats. According to official data, over the last six years, cybercrime in Russia has increased tenfold. In January—September 2018, law enforcement agencies recorded more than 13,000 such crimes every month, almost twice as many as the previous year. There is clearly increased interest among criminals in valuable corporate and personal data, especially bank accounts, and the financial sector is at particular risk. As a result, cybersecurity is well on its way to becoming a vital priority both for businesses and at the state level. Which cybersecurity strategies are the most successful? What is the best way to optimize resources and organize joint efforts to ensure maximum security? What needs to be done to predict and prevent cyberthreats?

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