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Creating a Modern School: New Opportunities for the State and Business to Collaborate through the National Education Project
14 February 2019

In the face of globalization and the nascent digital economy, developing human capital is key to the country’s systematic long-term success, while investment in human resources is the main driver of investment that will result in concrete and measurable strategic benefits for the socioeconomic development of the regions. In order to increase the level of development in Russia’s regions and make the Russian economy internationally competitive, it is vital to ensure that Russia possesses human resources capable of responding to the challenges of the global economy. Training to produce highly qualified specialists with the skills to implement large-scale projects in high-tech and knowledge-intensive sectors must be systematic. The National Education Project both creates new and develops existing opportunities for individuals at all stages of their education, from ensuring the right conditions are in place to promote early child development and support families, to modernizing vocational education and facilitating continuous professional development for workers. The project aims to establish opportunities for growth and replicate best practices, taking the individual needs and features of each region into consideration. Which regional features allow the project’s best practices to be implemented most effectively? How can we provide the necessary human resources to support the development of innovative sectors of the economy? Which measures undertaken as part of the National Education Project will create opportunities for developing the investment climate in Russia?

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