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Design Session: Synergy between Support Institutes and Young Business Leaders – Myth or New Opportunities?
13 February 2019

The national goals for developing small and medium entrepreneurship set out by the President of the Russian Federation and included in the SMEs and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative project pose a challenge for executive authorities, development institutes, infrastructure support organizations, and public entrepreneurial associations. Achieving good outcomes over the long term will require synergy, with stakeholders joining forces and agreeing plans of action at the federal and regional levels. Throughout history, breakthrough ideas and results have most commonly been produced by young, aspiring leaders with a fresh outlook who are prepared to think outside the box, set and achieve ambitious goals, and join forces to reach shared outcomes. Session participants will include young entrepreneurs and opinion leaders, economic development ministers and the heads of organizations providing infrastructure support to entrepreneurs, and representatives from development institutes and public entrepreneurial associations. Together, they will come up with a strategy for pooling their efforts and resources in order to meet the targets set out in the national project. During this session on design thinking technology, participants will work together to come up with a strategy for pooling the efforts and resources of government and business to achieve the national project targets in the regions.

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