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Business Game: A Model For Attracting Investment Regional Competitiveness 4.0: Approaches to Developing and Attracting Investment
13 February 2019
Today, attracting investment is among the key preconditions for achieving sustainable economic growth. Investments are making it possible to accelerate scientific and technological progress, improve quality and competitiveness in production, and develop the associated environment and infrastructure. At the same time, the investment attractiveness of a country to a large extent comprises a range of institutional factors, the majority of which are put in place and supported at a regional level. Those responsible for creating an attractive environment are regional government authorities, where the quality of staff is often one of the key conditions determining the effectiveness of work with investors. The young people’s model for attracting investment is a business game for students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs who are interested in investment policy, public—private partnerships, and the socio-economic development of the state. The model aims to engage young people in learning from the experience of Russia’s regions about attracting investment, creating competitive conditions for business, and developing and implementing socio-economic development strategies.
Aims of the model:
• To learn from the experience of Russia’s regions about attracting investment and developing innovative potential at a time of technological transition
• To analyse the strengths and weaknesses of regions, and the opportunities and threats presented by the fourth industrial revolution
• To form a comprehensive view among young people of current socio-economic development challenges
• To formulate proposals from young people about addressing the problems presently facing Russia’s regions, and to put forward a model for development that can tackle the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution
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