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Digitization and the Future of Connectivity in the Arctic
9 April 2019

An objective has been set for the Russian economy to undergo a digital transformation, which will in part involve building an IT infrastructure. The environmental conditions of the Arctic make it ideal for building data centres capable of processing and storing huge amounts of data needed by government bodies and private companies. In addition, the development of geoinformation services is continuing apace. These will enable regions and business activity to be better managed, and infrastructure facilities to be monitored for changes. They will also provide new opportunities to search for mineral resources. At the same time, the lack of connectivity in some regions of the Arctic is continuing to lead to digital inequality among the population, and is hindering the development of local businesses. What can be done to ensure that the Arctic is not left by the wayside during efforts to completely digitize the economy and state? What initiatives are under way to achieve the primary goal of providing affordable and stable internet connectivity to people in the Arctic? Can the climatic advantages offered by the region be leveraged today to develop new industries? What form will the Arctic’s information and telecommunications infrastructure take in the near future?

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