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A Warm Welcome: Opportunities for Great Tourist Discoveries in the Arctic
10 April 2019
Andrey Sokolov
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, TASS Russia
Speakers and experts
Zarina Doguzova
Head, Russian Federal Agency for Tourism
Yulia Zvorykina
Director, Institute for Research and Examination of Vnesheconombank
Alexander Kirilov
Director, National Park Russian Arctic
Nikolay Pegin
General Director, Development Corporation of Kamchatka
Inge Solheim
Norwegian Traveller, Expert on Polar Regions
Aleksey Tikhomirov
Deputy Executive Director, Russian Geographical Society
Aleksandr Gruzdev
Director, Wrangel Island State Nature Reserve
Valery Korovkin
Managing Director, “21st Century Arctic” International Union of Marine Protected Areas of the Arctic and the Far East
Elena Kutukova
Deputy Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region - Head of the Representative Office of the Arkhangelsk Region under the Government of the Russian Federation
Albina Pashkevich
Associate Professor, Dalarna University
Valentina Pivnenko
First Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee for Regional Policy and Issues of the North and Far East
Carina Ren
Associate Professor, Tourism Research Unit, Aalborg University
Tomas Hallberg
Head, International Barents Secretariat
Viktoria Elias
Director, Conservation Programmes, World Wildlife Fund Russia