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Talking Barents: Prospects and Formats for Cooperation
10 April 2019

Collaboration in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region has reached unparalleled heights, both at the intergovernmental and regional levels. Since it was founded, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) has consolidated its position as an effective international cooperation body which remains unaffected by ongoing changes in the geopolitical environment, and makes a tangible contribution to improving people’s quality of life in the region. Projects are being implemented in the region, in which all parties work together to achieve strategic objectives for BEAC member states. One of the key aspects of the Barents Region Transport and Logistics project is developing the transport system and improving its efficiency. It also makes provisions to protect the environment through the creation of ‘green transport’ corridors. Twenty-five years of collaboration in Northern Europe has resulted in the creation of a stable zone of trust and open, constructive dialogue, which continues to this day. What are the priorities for cross border cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region today? What projects could be implemented by working together?

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