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Northern Forum Regional Coordinators Committee Meeting
8 April 2019

The Regional Coordinators Committee (RCC) is a collegial executive body and consists of regional representatives appointed by members of the Board of Governors of the Northern Forum from their regions. The Committee is chaired by the regional coordinator from the presiding region. Currently, the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Russian Federation, is chairing the Northern Forum. In the coming years, the Northern Forum will strengthen its project and cooperation activities, taking into account the future chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council. The agenda of the Regional Coordinators Committee meeting includes consideration of the main outcomes of the work of the Northern Forum in 2018, and discussion of the Northern Forum’s draft Strategy. An important part of the meeting will also be the preparation of proposals by the Northern Forum for the period of Russia’s chairmanship, such as the possibility of creating a committee for the hosting and preparation of Arctic Council events in the Russian Federation during its chairmanship (Arctic Hosting Committee), as well as a proposal to hold important Arctic Council events in the northern and Arctic regions of the Russian Federation. Other items that will be considered during the meeting include preparation of the 14th General Assembly in 2020, and work on the other activities of the Northern Forum.

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