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The Northern Sea Route – The Key to the Development of the Russian Arctic
9 April 2019

The Northern Sea Route is the most direct transport corridor linking Asia and Europe. It is also a core Arctic economic project for Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a goal of increasing freight traffic from 20 million tonnes to 80 million tonnes in five years. Plans to develop the Northern Sea Route and support shipping envisage the creation of a port infrastructure and a fleet which includes icebreakers. These plans must be in sync with other plans to develop Arctic regions, centres of economic growth, and other forms of transport. What’s more, the Northern Sea Route is a major, multifunctional transport and logistics project, which means that modern management methods are needed. Issues regarding navigational and hydrographic support, and ensuring shipping safety along the Northern Sea Route are also of key consideration. Meteorological, hydrological and ice-related services are being developed and implemented, and inroads are being made in a number of other areas. These include promising radio communications setups for rescue operations, pilotless aircraft to conduct monitoring and ice patrol operations, and GIS. What are the prospects for expanding the logistics potential of the Northern Sea Route? How can the development of the Northern Sea Route’s infrastructure be synchronized with new investment projects? How can the Northern Sea Route be integrated with the region’s infrastructure network? How can safe and year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route be ensured?

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